Unconstrained scientific progress.

COI creates a collaborative environment to rapidly transform early-stage discoveries into therapeutic candidates.

COI = Community Of Innovation

COI Pharma provides Avalon Ventures' portfolio companies intellectual and operational support. We bring together entrepreneurs, scientists, and industry mentors to collaborate on translating new scientific breakthroughs into novel therapeutics. COI provides a fully-equipped R&D infrastructure and eliminates operational noise, so the teams can focus on drug discovery.

COI Pharma empowers life science entrepreneurs to drive a big idea forward and go where the science and their instincts take them.

The COI approach is based on Avalon Ventures' proven portfolio strategy for launching disruptive drug discovery, technology platform and healthcare IT companies in new market areas and providing ongoing support as they grow and increase in value.

Our team is dedicated to improving life.

The people at COI share a commitment to improving life - both inside and outside the lab. With ingenuity, perseverance, guts and unconventional thinking, we overcome the obstacles that inevitably arise during drug discovery. Our companies are supported by a devoted group that covers accounting, IT and operations. Each company has a management team and industry mentors with complementary skillsets to navigate strategy, financing and partnering.

We bridge the gap between
discovery and drug.

Many COI companies are built upon partnerships with outstanding academic researchers who want to translate their scientific discoveries into therapeutics that improve human health. Our team is continually evaluating and identifying opportunities that fulfill unmet medical needs and add substance to the white space in the biotech world.

We work closely with pharma to accelerate translation.

In addition to the independent companies at COI, a growing number of companies have been formed under an agreement between Avalon Ventures and GSK. Established in 2013 and extended in 2015, this partnership was created to leverage COI's nimble start-up mentality with GSK's unparalleled R&D expertise and resources. The collaboration has proven to be a powerful engine for translating early-stage research into drug candidates.

COI companies go deep and think big to develop new solutions.

Because new drug development is never straight forward or conventional, COI companies are built on deep scientific knowledge, strategic risks, and progressive approaches. With the strong expertise of the COI community, our companies are tackling ALS, cancer, celiac disease, Graves' disease, healthcare inefficiencies, heart disease, iron deficiency and iron overload disorders, lysosomal storage diseases, metabolic diseases, and pain.