Representative Scott Peters Visits COI Pharmaceuticals

Congressman sees first-hand San Diego biotech and medical innovations

On November 20, U.S. Congressional Representative (CA-52) Scott Peters toured COI Pharmaceuticals, the Community Of Innovation. During the visit, he met with local leaders from Avelas, Avalon Ventures, GSK and COI Pharmaceuticals as well as medical innovators from UCSD.

“It was a privilege to host Representative Peters and show how the companies at our ‘Community Of Innovation’ are bringing new biotech and health technologies from all over the nation to be developed in San Diego,” said Jay Lichter, Partner at Avalon Ventures and president and CEO at COI Pharmaceuticals.

At COI Pharmaceuticals, Rep. Peters met with entrepreneurs from AristaMD, Iron Horse Therapeutics, Silarus Therapeutics, Sitari Pharma, and Synthorx. Rep. Peters was introduced to the significant advancements being made by San Diego’s community of leading biotechs in collaboration with California’s top-tier universities and medical research institutes.

AristaMD is a cloud-based service company focused on supporting primary care providers with simple tools to promote efficient care and avoid unnecessary in-office visits to specialists.

Iron Horse Therapeutics , the seventh company launched to date under the Avalon-GSK collaboration, is researching and developing novel treatments for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Watch Iron Horse launch with a big splash.

Silarus Therapeutics is developing therapeutics targeting erythroferrone for the treatment of iron deficiency and iron overload disorders.

Sitari Pharma is developing treatments for celiac disease with the potential to suppress the autoimmune response that results in intestinal inflammation and cell pathogenesis in celiac patients.

Synthorx is a biotechnology company using synthetic DNA to synthesize solutions for the discovery and development of novel drugs, diagnostics and vaccines to impact the treatment of patients.

Lichter concluded, “Rep. Peters saw firsthand that these biotech and health technology companies at COI Pharmaceuticals are working to not only benefit San Diego but could ultimately help all Americans through new medical innovations that improve healthcare.”
Earlier this month, Representative Peters was honored by the Healthcare Leadership Council as a “Champion of Healthcare Innovation” in recognition of his support of patient-centered medical progress.

David Campbell, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer, Small Molecules at COI Pharmaceuticals (right), introduces Representative Scott Peters (left) to two companies, Satari Pharma and Iron Horse Therapeutics, which were founded under the collaboration between GSK and Avalon Ventures.

Marc Nasoff, Ph.D., Biologics, Chief Scientific Officer at COI Pharmaceuticals, introduces Representative Peters to Silarus Therapeutics, which was founded under the collaboration between GSK and Avalon Ventures.

Leaders from Avelas Biosciences, COI Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, and Avalon Ventures pose with Representative Scott Peters after town hall meeting. From left to right: Damien McDevitt, VP of Business Development at GlaxoSmithKline; Steven Chen, MD, Vice President, Clinical Affairs at Avelas Biosciences; United States Congressman Scott Peters, CA-52; Jay Lichter, PhD, President and CEO at COI Pharmaceuticals; Kevin Kinsella, Founder of Avalon Ventures; Carmine Stengone, President and CEO at Avelas Biosciences.