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UT San Diego: Enlibrium gets $15M for cancer therapy

Upon the closing of a $15 million Series A financing, The San Diego Union-Tribune spoke with David Campbell, Ph.D., president and CEO of Enlibrium.

Enlibrium is developing novel drugs based on the anti-cancer activity of metformin and designed to reduce cancer energy production to treat a range of cancer types. Derived from metformin, these novel compounds are designed to have improved anti-cancer activity while maintaining the safety profile seen with metformin.

Dr. Campbell said that targets could include triple-negative breast cancer, or pancreatic cancers, which the compounds have been effective against in animal studies. Other cancers that may be targeted have mutations affecting their energy production, which should make them especially vulnerable.

The financing is expected to provide sufficient capital to advance Enlibrium’s lead compounds through Phase 1 clinical trials.

The press release is here.

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